Born in Pontypridd, South Wales – just like Tom Jones!

My career has allowed me to travel over the world, but there is nothing like the “Green Green Grass of Home”, which I now share with my wife Natalie and beautiful young family.

Singing was not my first choice of career. A keen sportsman, I pursued a successful golfing career and was delighted to be chosen to play for Wales in the European Challenge Tour. I travelled the world playing with all ‘the golfing greats’ which was not only immense fun, but gave me a priceless education. I learned about working with people of all kinds, and being part of a team. How being a great sportsman is not just about what happens on the course.

I had always enjoyed a sing song, and to my surprise suddenly found myself singing solo, and with live bands, to entertain the teams whilst on tour.

After a while, I became known as the ‘singing golfer’ - and was invited to sing and entertain at weddings and celebrations for some of the top names in golf - and then many other celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment. Not only that, to y surprise I’d be properly booked - just like a professional singer.

Nerve racking, yes.

Thrilling - even more!

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My time as professional golfer was fantastic, and I’ll never forget it. But when faced with the choice of Golf or music, I found that I was happiest entertaining - singing, of course - but also creating a great

atmosphere and giving everyone a party to remember.

Although I came into the music industry relatively recently, I feel very lucky that my career has gone from strength to strength. TV and stage performances have of course helped. Achieving X-Factor

‘Judges Houses’ final stage, and my success in the ‘Voice For Wales’ programme were experiences that will stay with me always.

Working in the Music and entertainment business is a great life. Luckily, my family and friends are so supportive - and always make sure I dont take myself too seriously!

I regularly add to my repertoire, learning new songs of all kinds, working with people who are far better than I consider myself to be musically - pushing for perfection and learning form the greats, something I learned on the Golf course!

Lately I’ve started to write my own music, and you can here some of them on my media page.

These days I work as a solo artist, but I’m also lucky to with a number of great musicians, so one day it’s an acoustic set for a relaxed cocktail party and the next a massive party entertaining hundreds of guests with one of my live shows, like “West End Rocks” or “Beyond Buble”.

I love performing solo, being among the party guests, involving everyone who wants to be part of the fun. Singing with a great live band is like nothing I’ve ever experienced - it’s exciting and powerful, and the audience really becomes part of the whole event.

I hope you will explore the rest of my website and find some ideas to suit your event or party.